1. Bonjour,

    J’aimerais ajouter 8Go de RAM sur mon MacBook Pro Retina 13′ mais Apple m’a dit que ce n’était pas possible sur ce modèle.

    Seriez-vous en mesure de faire ça?

    D’avance merci,

    Paul Girod

  2. Hey Dean here, I was doing a seo scan of sites that are showing that ugly YOUR NOT SECURE Image.
    i am not sure if you knew? As of October 1, 2017, Google (as de facto bosses of the internet) have decided to fully implement the most dangerous warnings about unprotected websites.
    Up to now, they’ve only been toying with us, like a cat fiddles with a mouse until he’s ready to bite off its head and eat it whole BUT now they’re going in for the kill! trust me you are losing clients. but I have a fix for you
    thanks Dean

  3. Hi,
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